Friday, March 31, 2006

Directionally Challenged

"Officer. He was wearing a blue hoodie, jeans and was about this tall. Yes, that's Mrs Towel, that's her."
Yesterday, my great friend Mrs Towel called me to see if I could leave work early. She had to go a complete stranger's house to pick up a FREE coffee maker that she found on Mrs Towel is one of the bravest people I know so I was really surprised that she wanted me "chicken little" to go with her...I guess to identify the body should anything happen. Unfortunately, I was not brave enough to ask my boss if I could leave early so I could go pick up a FREE coffee maker. Mrs Towel said she had Plan B and we hung up. Not ten minutes later my boss "asked" me to run an errand so I got to leave work early. I called Mrs Towel as soon as I could. She was safe and sound with her FREE coffee maker. The guy she was getting it from left it on the curb for her to pick up. Maybe he was as scared as she was. Oh the joys of living in Metro Atlanta.

Did you know that I-285 at Chamblee-Tucker will NOT take you to I-85 North? I found out the hard way. Once you get on the exit ramp, there's no turning back. There really should be an "oh crap!" lane that takes you back to where you were before you took a wrong turn. Hmmm...maybe I share my idea with the GA DOT. If they like it, imagine the road construction we would have. Like we don't have any now. It's really crazy to have a "Don't go there!" segment on the news so you'll know which interstate to stay off of on the weekends. Oh the joys of living in Metro Atlanta.

So back to my directionally challengedness. I got on I-285 when I shouldn't have and was totally going in the wrong direction. Heading towards Chattanooga instead of Lawrenceville, I called Pattycake for directions. Then I called Queen because she is the Queen of Everything so certainly she could get me to my planned destination. If you are wondering why I didn't just take the next exit and circle back around, then you have never driven in Atlanta traffic at quitting time. I could have gotten to Chattanooga faster.

Shout out to Pattycake for hanging in there with me!

Shout out to Queen for really being the Queen of Everything!

Shout out to Mrs Towel for finding FREE stuff on craigslist!

And a big shout out to all the other directionally challenged people out there! Can someone pick me up for the next meeting? You know I'll never find it.


Anonymous Mrs. Towell if you're nasty said...

"oh crap!" lane
This is a great idea!!!However it's like the HOV lanes..but in this case the dummy is in the driver's seat.

3/31/2006 9:42 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Forget the special lane, I want my own driver!


4/03/2006 9:07 AM  

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