Monday, April 03, 2006

Do you belong in the zoo?

Some of the singles group (and some alumni) from church went on a "behind the scenes tour" of Zoo Atlanta on Saturday. We woke up to rain but decided to go anyway. I am so glad we did! The skies cleared and the sun shone brightly with the perfect breeze. What a great day! (Thanks for the prayers, HL!)

We saw the lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Actually they were koala bears. :o) So very cute and cuddly. The twins gorillas were so adorable too. The bird show was fun, even with a hawk flying over head. Our tour guide and friend J said husbands and kids can be trained but wives can't. All the women in the crowd mumbled. It was like "Oh no he didn't!"

My favorite part, much to my surprise, was feeding Kelly who is a sleek and slim 7500 lb elephant. They want her to weigh as much as the other elephants, somewhere in the 8000s. The trainer was feeding her wheat bread. I wanted to tell Kelly to eat the bread and some chips, take a nap, eat some cake, take another nap, eat some pizza, take another nap....etc etc etc. That would bulk her up really quick! :o)

Kelly's eyelashes were long and so pretty. I wanted to curl them. The trainer realized Kelly was napping every time after eating a piece of bread (atta girl Kelly!) and decided to feed her some large pellets. They looked like large pieces of rabbit food. LARGE pieces! BIG! HUGE! So we all got a handful of the pellets...did I mention they were big?....and Kelly ate them out of our hands. It was totally gross and totally cool at the same time! Like totally! Oh my gosh!

I couldn't wait to wash my hands after that. Then we walked by the tractor hauling the elephant poo...yes, it smells as bad as you can imagine...and were free to roam the zoo on our own. On the way home, AC and I stopped and got Icee's at Burger King. Possibly the best Icee I've ever had.

Later that night, we had snow cones at the Towel's apartment. YUM YUM! It's great to be a kid!


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