Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Just for DL

This update is because DL said my blog is boring and I never update.

Last week I was at Super WOW with 9 youth from church. We had a fantastic time. They called me Momma all week and the title fits the love I have for them. Each one has a special place in my heart. What a blessing it was to see them worship the Lord and to hear what God was saying to them. One youth accepted Christ as her personal Lord and savior. Three others gave some stuff in the life over to Christ. Those were just the decisions made by our youth that we know about. I personally witnessed a few of them talking about an issue and forgiving each other. I know adults that don't/won't do that! It was a pride moment and humbling all the same.

While we were waiting for the last youth to be picked up at the church when we got back, one of the leaders asked if I was ready to go back. I told him I didn't want the trip to end in the first place. How many youth chaperones can say that? So, after getting about 3 hours (max) sleep a night, helping them obey all the rules that were for their own good, keeping up with their Bibles, pens, and even their trash...I love them dearly and wouldn't trade the experience for the world.

Oh did I mention that the girls in my room were the highschool girls that take over an hour to get ready? Don't let that fool you. They were ready for small group devotion every morning and one led it on the last morning. Makes a momma proud.

One of the speakers for the week is single. He mentioned it several times in his "sermons". He said he doesn't date for relationships, just for the jokes. He was kidding....I think. Well, one of my girls, I'll call her Princess, tried to get me to go meet him one night after the worship service. I told her no. She doesn't take no for an answer very well because later I found out that my fabulous girls went to him and told him that they had a chaperone that he should date. (insert shocked face here) He made a joke about little old ladies always trying to fix him up. I love them for thinking enough of me to do that. However, if they ever do that again, Momma will make them go to bed ALOT earlier than on this trip.

One of my "kids" said I am Gangsta. Not sure what that fully means, but I think it's good.

I also gained two sons which I am very proud of and would gladly claim as my own. One made random comments such as "I like eggs." He also had "intestinal vibrations" during our family time. His male chaperones sprayed him with Febreeze. It was hysterical.

The other son read the Bible with one of my girls to help her prepare for the early morning devotion. Seeing two teens reading and talking about the Word indescribable blessing!

I guess that's it for the youth retreat. We are sharing about it Wednesday night at church so the adults can receive a blessing from our experiences.

Thanks for your prayers concerning the trip. They were answered!


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