Saturday, July 29, 2006

Penny for your thoughts

Anyone who knows me well knows that I think...alot. DL says I think too much. ha ha

Here are some things I've thought about and want to know your opinion.

Since God is concerned with every area of our lives as well as world-wide problems such as famine, disease, and peace in the Middle East...what does God care about the most? What is the number one concern of His heart? Or are all things equal to Him?

This is not a test. All thoughts are welcome so please comment.


Anonymous Mac said...

Hey, I lurk in your blog occassionally...we have a mutual friend/sister. I see no one has commented to this post! I think that the thing that God cares the most about is us. You and me and all the other people--good and bad ones. I think His main concern is that we come to know Him and then to know Him more. After all, He did provide His Son as a way for us to come to know Him. He was so concerned that we know Him, that He allowed that Son to die so that we could live...and never be seperated again from God. I am glad you asked that question. It makes me stop to remember just what God has done for me and the other stuff of life just kind of takes a back seat!

8/01/2006 1:56 PM  
Blogger Heather Smith said...

I'm with Mac. The other problems in this world are a result of sin. God sent His only Son to save us from our sins. He wants us all to accept that salvation. If all men on earth would accept salvation through Christ and become followers of God's Word, the other problems in the world (religious wars, murders, rapes, etc.) would disappear. That's my opinion anyway!

8/02/2006 1:32 PM  

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