Saturday, August 19, 2006

Lesson from a toddler

A friend joined a group that helps change the way they see themselves. She asked me to name some positive qualities that others say about me. Then she told me to apply that characteristic to my health and how I take care of the body God gave me. For example, she said I am a planner so I would be great at planning healthy meals for myself. It's something to think about for sure.

Tonight one of my great-nieces is spending the night and going to church with me tomorrow. She is 17 months old, smart and pretty as a picture...looks just like her mother did at this age.

Playing with her has been so much fun. Watching her reactions to being told "no-no" causes me to wonder if this is how God sees me. Sometimes she has immediate obedience and sometimes she doesn't. There are "pretties" that she knows she isn't supposed to touch but does anyway...until I say "no-no" and then she will put them back where they belong. Do I go back to those things that God has said "no-no" about? Yes. I wish I didn't.

Two weeks ago I was reading in 1 Kings. Most of the kings were horrible and disobeyed God in every way possible. Some kings turned back to God but didn't take down the high places. That's me too. I have such a difficult time taking down the high places...seems like it's one brick at a time.

They say others see us as we feel about ourselves when no one is looking.

I'd rather others and myself see me as God sees me.


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